Monday, January 21, 2008

Sick Baby

Has your baby ever had to have a CHEST xray. Let me tell you it's not fun. So most times if you are heading for a Chest xray on the average baby.. they are sick. So picture this sick, unwell baby, coughing with these really rosy cheeks from high fevers. All ready unhappy. Then introduce the xray apparatus. Baby sits on this bicycle like seat then must have their arms pinned straight up in the air & face into the xray plate. Then same position required but now sitting sideways. Oh the joys. And the tech. wants the baby crying gives them a better view of the lung fields. No worries about them stopping the crying. Then leave them undressed (another reason to cry) until the tech check the film. This lucky xray tech had two toddlers helping him. Thankfully he was very kind & patient with the ladies. And lucky for me we only had to do it once (today). No pneumonia. But still a sick little baby!


Nana said...

Yes I have had my children in for a chest x-ray. It is so hard on the child and the parents. Poor baby. I hope she gets better soon. I found it so hard when my children were sick. I broke my heart to see them sick. Mom

Laurie said...

My heart pores out to you and Carly :( It breaks your heart to see them in such distress. Andrew too had to get chest x-rays when he was younger (four in total from 6months - 20 months) Fortunately they tried him standing on a stool with me holding his arms up at 20months. I really hope things get better for her soon