Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cloth Diaper HOLDER

Well last week the ladies & I along with our sewing mentor & her kids went over to the local Fabric store & found me some NICE funky fabric from the remnant bin! My girlfriend made sure I had everything I needed, thread, zipper, & coordinating materials for the outside/inside! Then we came back to my house & I looked at her diaper holder & tried to come up with a plan. I didn't find it too hard to cut out all the layers & sew them together, but boy oh boy my first try @ zippers OUCH.. that took me as long as everything else put together (including shopping). It probably didn't help the baby wasn't feeling well & would cry periodically while I was trying to finish it up. I was also running into the dinner hour clock & hubby was expected home. So I actually left the zipper & went back to it the next day when hubby was home et voila first try it was done & now I have a bag to hold my babies wet dirty cloth diapers in until we get home! I can't wait to use this one of a kind item I MADE for myself.

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Nana said...

WOW! You are learning a lot! You have a great girlfriend there. Good job! Mom