Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today I finally looked into when Kindergarden Registration is. I learned it's called Kindergarden Round up! For a 1st time mom this is all confusing & even worse when you get a secretary that is only a replacement & didn't know all the answers either. The other tough thing is finding out what school your child will go to. Gone are the days when all kids in the same area go to the same area go to the same school.
So until otherwise notified I've figure out what school & when to register my daughter next is making it to the "ROUND UP" which is at the end of April. WOW my baby is going to start school!


Nana said...

I hope and pray it is a school that teaches about God, our Lord and Savior. So important. Your motherly beautiful intuitions will come in to effect most of your childs life. You will get a lot of replacements in your childs life in one situation or another and your heart will let you know what to do that is right for your child. Love: Mom

Laurie said...

Ahhh school!! You'll love the break :) Since she starts when she is 5 does she go full day or 1/2 day (or do you know lol).. I love my 2 hrs in the afternoon with Kaeden in JK :)