Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What's a code brown you may ask well some nurses use it to describe a large amount of shit! Today the toddler who's been potty trained for 10 months now decided it was time for a little .. no LARGE CODE BROWN at our house. We were sitting nicely down stairs having snack watching their allotment of TV for the day, when she quietly went off to the bathroom. There is nothing unusual about that. Then when she had not returned after several minutes & a did not respond to my calls I sent the big girl into see what was going on. "Mommy come quick.. there is a huge mess" was the response I got. So I had the stop the baby from nursing & into the bathroom to a sea of BROWN everywhere. The poor girl was trying her best to clean it up & was just smearing it EVERYWHERE! Oh & did I mention we had a cushion toilet seat down there that had a small rip in it. Well we are now going shopping for a new toilet seat cuz it's oozing brown.
The toddler bought herself an extra bath today. The big girl was left in charge of a at the time sleeping baby while I dealt with the CODE BROWN clean up! I only wish there was a housekeeping crew to call in during CODE BROWN!

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Nana said...

Poor little girl aye. She was trying her best to clean it up. So nice to have a mother who is so cool calm and collected. Good job as the big sister to try and look after things too. LOL>.....WOW......Thanks for sharing. Too Cute. Nana