Thursday, January 17, 2008


Kids get colds its inevitable. But why do they have to SHARE their cold with EVERYONE in a house. No matter how often you remind them to cover their mouth, wash their hands & keep their fingers out of their mouth IT still HAPPENS.. It started out with the oldest having a little sniffle & occassional cough. NOW..the Baby has a snotty nose & cough & this sad little cry. The Middle girl is starting with the cough. It could be worse it could be a stomach flu!!


Nana said...

That's right girl. You must be optomistic. LOL......... Poor baby girl.....her first cold. Tell all the girls Nana and Papa love them very much.

Laurie said...

okay - so I tried to write on this things and it has been deleted - so my long winded comment is gone.... So frustration sets in - but I'll try again.

I sympathize with your battle - though I only have one - a cold becomes a big deal very quickly in this house - we typically end up with a 6week puffer regimen, wheezing and increased potential for some other bronchial issue. Knock on wood - we haven't hit pneumonia stage this winter (1 out of 3 ain't bad!!) Take care of those little angels and hope they get better soon.