Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sewing Machine

So a few weeks ago when we were starting to pull out Christmas decorations hubby decided that in all my spare time or Grandma in her spare time should make new stockings for our family to hang on the mantel. So off Grandma, 3 kids & I went to the local fabric store & purchased enough material for this project. The was off to another store to purchase an entry level sewing machine. Because you see, I don't know how to sew. I had my mothers sewing machine for a year or more & never used it, but now that we have a project to do I am in need of a machine.
Grandma & I got right to work cutting out a shock the first night & sewing up a prototype for hubby's approval. Hubby liked the our first go at so off we were to make all of them. Now they are complete with names & all. Lets hope Santa likes them & doesn't put a lump of coal in any ones stocking.

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Nana said...

LOL........You guys are just too funny. Love the way good job on the stockings. Santa will love them.