Friday, December 14, 2007

Loving my Hubby

Just over a year ago we moved 8 hours away from family & friends for a hubby's job. This meant I got a new role as a full time STAY AT HOME MOM. Another change was we became a single vehicle family. This meant any time I needed/wanted to go anywhere with the girls we drove hubby to work then pick him up at the end of the day! We did this for a full 52 weeks & added a baby to the mix a 5 weeks ago! Yes I found it tiring but was not complaining (too much) so I figured we'd keep this up till sometime during the summer of 2008 before the eldest started school. But last night hubby came home with a HUGE surprise! He asked me to come to the garage & get stuff out of the truck with him. Covered my eyes & then said SURPRISE!!! A 2nd vehicle for MOI!!!! YAHOO.. I have a set of wheels again.. it's a RED Mini Van.. room for everyone!! YAHOO... MY HUBBY IS THE BEST.. A year ago he got me this beautiful house we life in & now a mini van. What's next December going to bring?


Nana said...

Congradulations! Your hubby loves you and the girls so much. I am so happy for you all. And how is little baby doing today? Love: Nana

Nana said...

You bring tears to my eyes. You are such a cute couple. What a son I have! He is so loving to his wife and children. I am so proud of you. I couldn't of asked for anymore. Love you.