Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy Hubby

My hubby's job is very demanding & requires him to work LONG hours during the late fall & winter months. So all the women in his life are really missing him! The other night he got home after midnight probably 1 a.m! Well it wasn't long after he was home that we had 3 little ladies in our bed having a giggle session & give their daddy some love. Then another night, it was 130 a.m & our eldest came down the hall way wanting loving from daddy. So for about 30 minutes she had a great chat with her daddy telling him all about her day & actually sharing a sugary snack with him. The things you can get away with when daddy doesn't see you much.
Hopefully the busy season will be over before we know it.. Hopefully

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Nana said...

I hope your hubby can spend more time at home soon too. I pray God helps him in everything. I love him very much too. I want the best for all of you.