Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hubby made it home after a LONG exhausting day waiting at an airport! My family support has arrived so everything is taken care of (except for the crib) but let the active LABOUR begin!!

Everything has fallen nicely into place & I'm ready for another baby! I had the BEST sleep last night that I've had in a REALLY LONG time, woke up & pretty much jumped out of bed before any one else in this house with little to no pain. YAHOO!!!! I'm feeling like I could conquer the world today & get everything done that I've been procrastinating about.. maybe this is "nesting". I've never had it with either of my other kids or maybe its what a GREAT nights sleep will do for a pregnant women. Here's hoping I don't crash at some point today or get all the household chores done that I want to get done & get totally exhausted & go into labour tonight!

Come out baby we are ready to meet you!

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Anonymous said...

Nesting sounds like you have. You are too cute! Ready for baby aye. You are never alone daughter-in-law of mine. God loves you very much and so do we. We are just so excited for baby. Faith is a big gift in life. I don't know what I would do without it. Enjoy your beautiful little family and God bless you.