Wednesday, November 7, 2007

AIRLINES ... ahhhh

So hubby got his work required done sooner than expected on his last business trip before Baby #3 arrives. He rebooked a ticket to come home a day early - YAHOO for us.

Hubby had to leave & drive to the airport at an terrible 4 a.m to return his rental vehicle, clear security & customs. By 6a.m he was done & wait for them to call his plane. He actually boarded the plane on time (very unusual for this flight). So I get up & get myself ready.. lucky I had someone here to watch the girls so there was no need to drag them out of the house for 8 a.m for a rush hour drive across the city to the Airport!

I drive across town, rush hour traffic arrive at the airport @ 9 a.m after a little hypoglycemic episode where I had to pull off the highway for 15 minutes. The entire time I could only think of how happy I was that I didn't have the girls in the truck with me! But then wondered how I would ever get myself the rest of the way to the airport! Finally I was able to drive again & got to the airport on time.

Looking at the screens for incoming flights I found hubby's flight & says it's on time. Yahoo for ME~~

Then right on time when they should be landing my hubby texts me... saying they weren't here but back in the departure city due to technical difficulties. I thought he was joking. The next text I get from him had some very colourful language in it & I knew he couldn't be joking. The flight got 3/4 of the way here & turned around cuz they couldn't get "it" fixed here.. What's up with that!

So then I had to text my "episode" details to hubby who's freaking out & furious all ready wondering if this was the start of labour. Then had to figure out that there was no other flights home till 430 later today! So he's now sat ALL day in an Airport because it's not worth it to leave & go out /work whatever because of the location of the airport.

While I'm writing this POST hubby is emailing me saying Flight Crew has arrived for departure in 20 minutes however no plane & 4 people from his 1/2 full flight this a.m have just been advised that they have been bumped off the plane.. I think I'm going to go into LABOUR!!

I hope he makes it home tonight!!

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Anonymous said...

seriously, going into labour? did he make it home?????