Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Why is it that kids always want what other have? Currently my middle daughter is feeling a little left out. The new baby has had a 2 week check up & the middle girl wanted it to be her turn at the doctor. My eldest had to see an ENT Doctor 2 weeks ago & then went for surgery today to have tubes put in her ears. The middle girl was totally upset that the ENT didn't check her ears out & then miserable when she didn't get to come to the surgery centre today & have her ears fixed.

I wonder at what age kids realize that not having to do everything your siblings are doing is a good thing. She's actually the lucky one right now not having to have had surgery, take medicine & no activity restrictions. I hope some day she will realize it wasn't punishment that she didn't get her ears fix, especially because there is nothing wrong with her hearing/ears!

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