Saturday, November 24, 2007

Junior Artisit

My hubby is a great artist. He has an amazing eye for detail & color. I don't pretend to do any of the decorating in our house. Hubby has done it all. My only input is when hanging pictures/art work that he needs to go a little lower down. He's picked all the colors in our house & the accent pieces that go with everything.

To complete the nursery hubby was going to do a full wall mural, however, once the initial painting was done we both decided the nursery was too elegant for a mural. Instead we went to a local craft store & bought a few canvas for him & the big sisters to paint & use as wall hanging.

Since we had time before bed, hubby took the big girls to the bsmt & started their 1st canvas painting! They were only allowed 2 colors Pink & brown. They were free to do what they wanted. It's amazing how creative they can be! I will post pictures of their completed art work once hubby puts the clear coat on them. Hubby was so patient & helpful the girls loved it!

Hubby did his canvas all brown & will finish it up with various animals in pink. I can hardly wait to see what it all looks like.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see the paintings. My children are all artist. Love you all. mom