Sunday, November 11, 2007


I've got the best hubby ever! For my first born I got diamond earrings/pendant. Then for baby #2 came a beautiful charm bracelet. So what could I possibly get with baby #3. A beautiful ring!! I don't wear a lot of jewellery but know every piece I wear comes from hubby. I guess I'll have to have a fourth to get a watch!
Hubby had to go home yesterday while baby & I were still in hospital to get the girls out to an activity. When he came back he brought us lunch. I had a couple girl friends in visiting so I didn't dive into the take out food bags. After about 20 minutes hubby tossed me the take out bag & said here OPEN IT!! Boy you must be hungry & why can't you open it yourself (is what's going through my mind) But to my SHOCK/SURPRISE it was a small box inside the bag not food after all. Then I opened the beautiful box to find this...
Why would a girl ever stop having babies when it's not too bad & you get jewels.
Having such a great hubby is hard to keep up with cuz today is his birthday & well lets just said I had left any gift/card purchases till late last week & opps went into labour & haven't been out alone since. So poor hubby has only a new Baby who is giving him sleep deprivation as a gift until I can go out & get him something!! Good think he LOVES me!!

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