Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday there was an election in the USA. I was lucky enough to be helping out in my daughters 2nd grade class yesterday. It was very interesting to watch the AWESOME teacher teach 7-8 year olds about make up of city/towns/state/country. The kids had to come up with a list of qualities they would want their leaders to have. It was very impressive what 2nd graders think is important. I would be proud to have my 2nd grader vote after they way the teacher taught them to dissect the issues. The kids weren't concerned with the: name, music or looks of the candidates. They wanted people who were: responsible, would create jobs, not spend money they didn't have, make / follow rules that are good for everyone! It's awesome to spend time in class. They also got to make up their own candidate and their class all voted. They had to create a name, values and platform for the candidate. Then present them to their class & people voted for mayor, Governor & president based on their class creations.
Today 2nd grader went to school excited to find out if her candidate won the race for mayor.
I just wish there was a way to bottle this interest & enthusiasm for voting so when she's 18 she'll remain interested.

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