Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tough to hear

Our drives to school often generate very interesting conversations. One day last week the question of what is the "f" word occurred. Today while driving my 5 year old to school she said something that was very hard to hear.

She said you know when you want to become a teacher you need to know how to yell. I tried to get a little more information from her. I asked if she was getting yelled
at and her response was not her but others in her class (boys).

This has bothered me all day. I had the chance to speak to another teacher who assured me many kids are sensitive to changes in tone and maybe my little one is just that. She shared with me that she had a student once says she always yelled. Knowing this teacher I find this very hard to believe. All teachers have their stern teacher voice I am sure. But I'm sure Ms. B. doesn't pull it out often.

So what to do with our 5 years comment... probably nothing.

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Nana said...

I like that your daughter is speaking out so you can help her and investigate. Very important. Hopefully the teacher is not yelling.
Your husband was very sensitive to yelling or anyone raising their voice. But that all said I hope for your daughter that everything is okay.