Monday, September 6, 2010



Just prior to hubby's surgery we had started planning a camping trip for the August Long Weekend. This got put on hold in hopes of the "miracle surgery" solving all of hubby's 8 months of pain. It did and we couldn't be happier. Now to get in a GREAT restful family weekend.
Hubby booked us in to a KOA. We rented a Kabin which is basically beds (bunk bed for kids) there was an a/c unit but that's it. It was a luxury tent, no indoor plumbing, no electronic device. It was FUN....

The kids loved the hours of playing in the sand being able to eat snacks throughout the day. Playing with the camp ground horse.

My middle daughter was being picked up by the camp ground "5 year old". It was very cute and scary all at the same time. We had a lot of fun playing scoop ball.
My big girl had a nasty asthma attack the first night & then the baby fell off the bottom bunk. Luckily everyone was okay by the morning.
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Nana said...

Thanks for the blog. I am so glad you all had a relaxing time. You all deserve it.