Sunday, July 4, 2010

All done


Hubby and our great friend Mr. C... worked long and hard to get the girls play set constructed in just two days.
The temperature outside is extremly high & no amount of sunscreen was protecting us for the sun!
The girls were a little cranky .. it's really hard to wait for something like this to be completed. But thankfully everyone survived the two days without injury & now the girls are out playing/screaming away on their new playset.

I'm in the house enjoying the new AC that went in on Wed. & hubby he's trying to cool down with a shower.

Tonight should be fun having all the kids Mr. C's kids & ours enjoy the new play set while us adults enjoy some well deserved beverages then tonight 4th of July fireworks.

And the best part is tomorrow isn't a work day it's another FAMILY DAY
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Nana said...

Love the new play set. Great job.