Thursday, March 25, 2010

Times Up

Today was a cleaning Marathon day and laundry. It's ten to 4 and I am finally sitting down for a minute before I go pick up darling daughter from the bus. We have a family coming back for a 2nd showing tonight.. Fingers crossed. This meant cleaning things like ovens & soaker tubs... Its' as good as it gets.

Of other note, Hubby had a few good days last weekend but he's heading back down the path to debilitating headaches again. Not good. He's now keeping a food, activity and pain journal to see what it is. The week he got out of the hospital he stopped taking the medication they gave him but obviously that's not the cause of the headaches. We have all his images from the various scans they did so hopefully soon he'll give our GP the green light to make a referral to the University affiliated hospital in our town. Maybe then we'll get some answers... He continues to work & be a trooper..

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