Monday, March 15, 2010

House Hunting

This weekend we had 3 showings of our house in one afternoon. This was good & bad all at the same time. With hubby just being d/c from Hospital on Friday after an entire week with no real change in his symptoms taking him out was tough. I had to stay home both days this weekend from work because hubby was not safe to care for the girls for 12 hrs + / day.

Thankfully we have great friends & were able to call them up last minute and impose on them for the afternoon. WONDERFUL day hubby slept in their easy chair & the kids all played nicely & adults got to visit. Boy I miss my weekends.

Today I went & looked at my first house for our move. But there was something about the neighbourhood I didn't like, the house was really nice.

What I want in a house...
Big kitchen, open to the eat in area & a family room
minimum 4 bedrooms & 2 full baths (a NICE big master ensuite tub)
minimal carpet
size important 3000+sq ft.
a place for my sewing stuff

Our Realtor understands what we want & hopefully he'll be able to get us a few more showings booked.

One couple through yesterday like the house & and todays couple want to see the survey. So it's looking better every day!

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Nana said...

Good to hear that things are moving well with house hunting and finding a house. Womans intuition is always pretty reliable. If you have a feeling about a place you are probably right.