Monday, February 22, 2010

potty training fun

The baby has decided she's ready to be a big girl and wear panties. We are very excited around here about this. The big girls have been cheering her on when using the toilet.

My only complaint is the loud screams at 1 a.m the other night as the baby is running up & down the hall (non carpet) crying cuz she has to peeeeee. She went to bed with a diaper on (I'm not ready for night time training yet) but apparently she is. Once I woke up & figured out what was going on we went to their bathroom she did her business and back to bed without waking everyone else up. I can't believe the big girls slept through it. Baby was running up & down the hall yelling and waiting for some one to turn on the light.

Sat. was a accident free day & only one accident yesterday.

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Nana said...

Good job little one.