Friday, February 26, 2010

My Hubby

My hubby is a unique guy & that's why I love him so. He never sits still, if theres a project to be done it's done ASAP. Grass does not grow under my hubby's feet. He can clean circles around me and always seems to get more done than I can. I'm okay with that..

But when he gets sick it's never normal/routine. A few years back he had SEVERE back pain which led to numerous CTSCAN & MRI done to determine eventually everything was fine.

Several weeks ago he had what we thought was a GI flu. After 4 days of tossing his cookies he went to the dr' & got anti emetic which finally made life a little better. But then a HEADACHE hit my hubby. A headache which has kicked him in the ass. My hubby has been in bed more now than I think I've ever seen him. He's been for Massage therapy, chiro, CT, and to the GP & ER. He went to the neurologist this week and has now had MRI & lumbar puncture (needle in the back). He still has a headache and significant pain.

NOW we wait till next week to get the results.

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