Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eve of my Birthday

Today is the day before my birthday. I have lots to be greatful for. An amazing hubby -he's taking the day off tomorrow to spend with me :)! Three beautiful little diva's who are full of energy & life & keep me running! .. I've been lucky to find a job I love which makes it tolerable to work mostly every weekend (being away from my family sucks)

I woke up this a.m determined to find an affordable way for us to take a DISNEY vacation this year. Only the big girl has been & she was only 8 months old. Hubby & I have only been a total of once also. I think the girls are at a GREAT age. The baby would be a good 2 and half this summer the big girls 5&7. Hubby & I haven't decided if we are done having babies yet. So we need to decide that before we book any big trips like this. Also need to decide soon cuz I'm not getting any younger especial on the eve of my birthday.

Birthday plans include breakfast in bed, going into the post office without helpers, Dinner out at Fogo de Chao with hubby, sister, her hubbby & a great canadian friend.

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