Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play room

The kids have a HUGE playroom. They are rather lucky. But with that much space you can get a lot of toys in there that you forgot you had. About once a year I get on a kick that I need to REORGANIZE the playroom. It hit yesterday & I've been busy ever since. It all started when I decided I needed to clean out two closets at the bottom of the bsmt stairs. That equaled 3 bags of jackets/snow suits for goodwill. Apparently I've been collecting kids jackets & a few of my own. With the streamlining of the closet it gave me an empty closet. This is now the craft closet.
The playroom lost about a dozen baby toys.(this was hard hoping to take them to Once Upon a Child & make a little money) I added a large bookshelf & a new 12 bin storage system.
The girls LOVED playing in their new playroom this a.m They played whit toys they haven't touched in MONTHS. I was also able to get my hands on a label maker & now all the bins are labeled. Lets see how long this last.

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