Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Around here we have a very hard time finding GOOD mittens that fit and stay on for the duration of a play. 2/3 of my girls are truly Canadian and love the cold / outdoors. The baby is still learning.
Yesterday after 45 minutes of fixing mittens (they sucked) I decided I would share (very hard for me to do) my Canadian Olympic mitts (given to me as xmas gift by a dear friend) but they are only mitts right & how much damage can a 4 year old & snow cause.

After 2 hours of outside play, I helped the 4 year old get undressed. My mittens were twice their size from all the snow that was stuck to them. :( But after an evening drying near the register they appear to be unharmed.

Mission next week is to find better fitting mittens so I don't have to share...LOL..

Requirements.. Mitten, with long wrist part to be able to tuck them into the jacket well. I'll accomplish my mission and the snow will go & not come back till next year you watch.
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