Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Vacation - Great Wolf Lodge

We had an AMAZING family get away. After the busy busy month of December, our family needed a get away. Hubby's business is extremely busy for the 6 weeks leading upto Christmas. Some days he finds himself working 24hrs to get the job done. This type of work schedule doesn't leave for much family time. Then its right into the hustle & bustle of Christmas & this year that also included an 5 extra adults visiting (sister/hubby, & our parents)for 1-3 weeks this was busy. I also had to work a lot this xmas season. So by the time Friday January 8 came we were very much ready for a family get away.
We checked into GREAT WOLF LODGE Friday at 6pm & didn't leave the lodge until 1pm on Sunday. It was AMAZING. We spent a lot of time in the pool. All but the babies nap time was spent as a family. The girls enjoyed most of the water slides. It was such a good time that we started talking about what ages we want the girls to the next time we go back. Did I mention they have a Starbucks inside the lodge, major bonus for me.
Hubby and I were extremely impressed with the key & charging system. We all got bracelets once checked in, the adult bracelets allowed us to get in/out of our room & charge meals to our room ect.. This was great. Never worried about room key or bringing money down for dinner or starbucks. It was great!!



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Anonymous said...

so glad you had a great get away, we enjoyed our visit and can't wait to re-visit....see you soon,

Yo sis!