Thursday, January 21, 2010


We moved to a town with an NFL team Dec. 2006 and in Jan 2007 the team went to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game & hubby was fortunate enough to get to go courtesy of Fedex. I on the other hand sat at home with the girls, sister in law & nephew eating pizza. We had only been here about a month and had not yet established a sitter. So hubby called his brother in law (huge football fan) to come down & join him for the game. NOT THIS YEAR!!!

Last night while cooking dinner the contest started for the 9th caller on our local country radio station. I dialed all flustered & dialed a disconnected number. Then I dialed again & it rang and rang but then I WAS THE WINNER!!! yahoo for me. I was totally in shock. I sounded like a complete DORK on the radio but whatever I won two tickets to this weekends AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game.

I then had to hold my breath until mid day today when my request for time off was approved.

So now it's official hubby & I have a date, kids with a sitter than their nanny. Now hubby & I have to go get jerseys. Can't show up there with out them & I don't think our hockey jerseys would work right color wrong sport.


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