Friday, December 11, 2009


Today at work I had a mixed day. I started out a little tired (hubby worked all night so not a good night sleep was had), but by the time I got there I had my work spunk ready to run! Our new staff showed up for her 2nd day of orientation. I went to do a carseat install for a co worker and smacked my forehead when I was trying to remove the crotch strap to move it and now I'm sporting a nice purple/blue goose egg. Then my orientee and I went to a BRAINSTORMING meeting, but you put a bunch (15) of middle aged women in a room and it becomes a bitch session & my position was the one they decided to shit on today. Great intro to the job for the new staff. Wait until they have nobody helping then they'll really have something to bitch about! So after that meeting my usual spunk was funked but I was very careful not to bitch, complain or say much in front of my orientee (not fair to a new staff). Then out of the blue my Team Leader came & found me in my office, I was presented with a "Gold Award" & a gift card. Spent my gift card from a large selection of gifts online and got my self a neoprene lunch bag can't wait for it to be delivered. How kewl was that, It made me tear up! It was for helping out at another one of our facilities during a "bed crisis". I did it cuz I could & had fun helping out. Never expected an Award. How kewl. Apparently she had the award for me since before the Thanksgiving holiday but with me only working one day during the week it's been tough to get it to me. She saved it for a day when I really needed a pick me up. My spunk is back!

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