Thursday, December 17, 2009

embroidery machine

I am learning to use my embroidery machine like none other this week. Hubby had me do over 24 sweaters for his employees for xmas gifts & the nanny 5 sweaters for her boys. In order to do some of these I had to finally break down and buy a program to set up files. So last night was the night to do that and then learn how to use it. Boy it's been a fun day of trial & error & boy let me tell there's been some errors.

One sweater the sleeve dropped down and stitched in. Ruined.
One sweater I totally embroidered on the wrong side, did it on the inside of the sweater. Another one to my scrap pile. That's not to mention the not so straight wording.

I've gone through my first full spool of embroidery thread.. 1000m of thread.

I love my toy.. Just wish somedays I had more time to figure it out! Maybe over the holiday.

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