Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Baby is TWO

It's official I am now mom to three ladies ages 2, 4, 6! Some days it is more like 12, 14, 16. If you ask the baby how old she is, she says 5 then you ask her again and the answer is 4 (if that tells you anything)! She still has her favorite blanket and her thumb when she's laying with her blanket. The other girls had soothers much easier to toss on their 2nd bday!

The girls got to spend an hour in Toys R Us picking out her birthday gift. Its amazing she didn't want everything. She picked a toy microwave (our friend has one & she plays with every time we are there) and then a little shopping bag full of play food. This was what grandma's money bought.

She looked at stuff and kept going. We must have went around the store 3 times before Mom & Dad finally picked out a couple things (stickers/toy cell phone). Mom and dad didn't get her much..LOL.

Now today she's tired/cranky and going to have a long nap. She hasn't been able to play with her new toys yet maybe after nap. That's what we get for letting her stay up late.

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