Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st Concert

Monday night hubby and I took the older two girls to their first ever concert. On the drive down my medium child took a quick nap. Finding parking was a bit of a challenge. But we were still there in plenty of time to get to our seats before the opening act.
The girls weren't overly impressed with the opening act. THey were just there to see the HANNAH /MILEY.
My big girl is starting to be a little imbarressed she was worried about dancing. The medium girl was exhausted half way through from DANCING/DANCING/DANCING. She's a machine!

The concert was GREAT. Lot's of dancers girls enjoyed that! Good stage show lots of stuff to keep the girls interested.

Both girls were asleep before we left the parking garage (took 30 minutes to get out). Everyone was up on time with no complaints this a.m

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