Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We are well into Summer Vacation here. Schools has been out for 2 full weeks now. My soon to be first grader is full of ATTITUDE and wants to know; when is it back to school, when are we going to get school supplies, who will her teacher be... ect..
So far this summer my favorite part is something we started just last night.
From the last scholastic order form I ordered some great summer books. My favorite is FREAKLE JUICE. I remember reading "JUDY BLUME" when I was a child. So excited. Last night we read 2 chapters and then again tonight. Tomorrow is the 5th and final chapter. What will read next??

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Laurie said...

Reading is wonderful! A friend gave me a box of books for Jenna and has a bunch of Judy Blume books as well! She likes reading. Kaeden does too, I like having him read to me all the time. He loves it!! Good habits to keep our children in!! Thumbs Up