Monday, May 25, 2009

Hubby's new BBQ

Hubby has always wanted a good BBQ. He had an AMAZING BBQ before we got together but sold it when we moved to the big city & has always wished/dreamed of a good sized bbq. When we first moved state side hubby went and got what we could afford at the time & boy was it small. It's lasted us 2 full summers but this year we decided enough was enough.
Hubby has been eyeing up various grills (American term) and this week we decided on one. Hubby would have liked the next model up that has a fridge but I had to be the rational one. So tonight's memorial day dinner was the dinner to kick off our BBQ season! Boy was it AMAZING. Here are a few pics of hubby's new BBQ. He even got a light for those late night meals.



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