Thursday, April 2, 2009

system ...kinda

With three kids & two working parents hubby & I sorta have a system. Since I work Friday -Sunday & hubby works the usual work week of Mon-Friday. I get Sunday -Wed. we split Thursday & he gets Fri-Sat.

Having three girls of all different ages/stages there is the chance that someone will wake at some point during the night, cough, cold, just to talk, bad dream or who knows for what reason.

Last night being a Wednesday night was kinda sorta my night. Well last night I must have been really tired. The littlest one woke up to just talk really loudly. Hubby had to wake me to ask if I was going to deal with her. I stumble out of my bed, walk around the room to get out the door. Except hubby had tossed the pillows off his side of the bed into the middle of the floor (path to get out the door) I tripped & knock something & made a loud noise. I chatted with little miss moo and she went back to sleep. I don't think hubby got any sleep during this ordeal. The joys of being working parents. Lets hope everyone sleeps well tonight.

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