Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Working at a peds hospital is lots of fun but also tough. On the weekend I helped admit a family who has been coming in/out of the hospital with their sick school aged daughter for the last few months. This family has tried to keep her home but this weekend got to be too much & they came in & yesterday this little girl passed away. She had the best smile even on Sunday when she was in so much pain! Caringbridge website is a great way to keep upto date with whats going on with sick little babies.

Then this morning I was reading the blogs that I check on a daily basis & to my surprise a little peanut that is the same age as my baby died yesterday. This little peanut was a preemie born in Nov. due in Feb. & had medical problems with her lungs. Had just graduated off her oxygen earlier this year. But she got sick over the weekend & could no longer fight. WOW.. how terrible.

My thoughts are with both these families.

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