Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter has been a weekend of adventure & fun! Even though we do not live near any of our family we've made great friends that are like family to us.

We got to hang out with our "family friends" all day Sat. They have two little people close in age to our big girls (boy & girl). The kids get along awesome. We started out mid day at the local Zoo. The kids had a blast & it was great hanging out with my girl friend. After a full day at the Zoo, we ate out for dinner rather than having either family stress about cooking. We went to a great Italian Restaurant that is family style. We had a GREAT dinner! After dinner it was back to our friends house, kids painted eggs, played & then took a wee sleep before we came home for the easter bunny.

While the kids were sleeping it was great sitting/chatting with our friends. With my crazy work schedule we last got together about 4 months ago, which really sucks.

The hubbys went outside to have their own male bonding time. Which was great cuz my girl friend & I got to chat. She is very wise & an experienced mom. She told me two things that I will never forget.

Her eldest daughter once said to her "mommy I work really hard at being good all day & am just too tired when I get home"... I was complaining to her about how my school aged girl doesn't always listen. I shared this with hubby today, it really put it into presprective how the life of a little person is hard work.

The other thing she shared was something her father had told her... "that you represent the Family name & anything you do will always get back to your parents"

This is especially true for our little people because we are the only ones with our family name probably in the state in which we live. So I will be sure to share that with our little people when the time is right! Girl friends are a great thing!!!

Easter day was great the girls had a lot of fun running around looking for "stuff", we had a great breakfast then it was family nap time The big girls & I got showered up & off to the movies we went. We had a lot of fun seeing Hannah Montana the Movie. It was FUN!.. Then home for a ham dinner & the ice cream. Back to reality tomorrow.


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