Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tomorrow is a BIRTHDAY

Tomorrow one of our babies turns 4. I can't believe she's all ready 4. Time truly flies. Big sister & I ran out yesterday to get birthday gifts, that was tough. The girls have so many toys but all she's been asking for since before xmas was a "talking Dora doll house" however no where has it in stores right now. They do have a doll house but in our move it got damaged, they still play with it but they've been asking for a new one for a long time.
We got the birthday invite out this a.m. We are just going to go to the local bowling alley with 2 girl friends for bowling/pizza after swimming lessons. Then tomorrow night we are going to go for dinner as a family.
I'm thinking we will open gifts first thing in the morning so she can enjoy her presents all day.
I hope she enjoys her day! Nana sent her money so with that I got her some pieces for her new doll house & a bathing suit.
One more sleep

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