Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time flies when you are having FUN

Grandma packed up & was gone after the kindergartner got on the bus today. At least the start of her drive & hopefully the majority of it will be without snow! But going home will be COLD & have lots of snow! I can't believe 6 months are over all ready. Where did the time go? We had plan to do my spring cleaning we got to one room but then time was gone. Wow I can't believe she's gone all ready. I don't think it's hit the girls yet. They are doing relatively well today. The girls didn't even want to the zoo or museum. I thought we would have to do something to keep them busy. Not sure what we've done for the last 6 months.

Her time here started out being busy with me learning a new job. Then shortly after that I was busy learning a different new job. Running the girls to evening activities & swimming lessons during the lunch hour. Then before you knew it it was xmas. Now the birthday party is over & she's on her way home! WOW..We hope she'll be back to visit again soon. THANK YOU !!!!!

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