Monday, March 23, 2009

Growing up

We have been very lucky to have great neighbours when living in Canada. They had kids who were always just a little older than our ladies & ready/willing to pass things down to our girls. The girls have received several bicycles this way. But this week big sisters bike tire blew & hubby tried to buy a replacement tire this weekend with NO luck. So big sister got her first NEW bike.. She LOVES it.

It's amazing how much they change from year to the next. Our middle girl is doing GREAT at riding her bike this spring. Maybe we'll have two without training wheels by the end of this summer.

All girls had fun on their wheeled toys this weekend. Around our house we think it's important for even the baby to learn at a young age that it's important to wear a helmet. After this little accident she got up & brushed off her hands & back to playing she went.

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