Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun & excitement

The other night hubby and I were talking about the baby & how good she is. She is in a daybed now & stays in her bed until someone goes in there to let her know she can get out. For the last few nights she's been waking up & talking up a storm but REALLY loudly. So we've gone in there to remind her it's bed time & everyone is sleeping. After a few minutes she usally goes back to sleep. She doesn't get out just sits there & talks away!

The other night we heard little footsteps coming down the hall & expected it to be on of the other girls having the need to use the toilet. They like our bathroom even thought they pass theirs on their way down here. But we were both Shocked when our bedroom door opened & voila the baby. All exicted to be up & about & in mommy & daddy's room. She was pulling her pink blanket behind her, thumb in her mouth & happy as can be!

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