Thursday, March 26, 2009

baby #3

You would think by the time baby #3 is up walking around I'd be more than in tune with the signs of potty training. Some days I'm so ready to be doing the potty thing & she's had some success. This morning I failed to see the signs. We had just given her a clean diaper & gotten her dressed. We then went to the laundry room to finish up our last load for the week. She left the laundry room and went & knocked on the bathroom door (have to keep it closed little girls leave the lid up all the time). I suggested she come back in and help mommy, then the shirt pulling started and then the stink came..We went to the bathroom but it was too late! AHHH what a waste of a clean diaper. I guess we are officially in full time potty alter mood. Fingers crossed.

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