Monday, February 16, 2009

Where to start......

I'm a year older & Valentines day is over!

Wednesday Feb. 11 I took the little girls shopping and few pairs of rainboots were bought. (Mommy needed a pair & thanks to her inlaws for the cash). Wednesday afternoon was puddle jumping & fun in the mud. Then we were giving the girls a bath before dinner to warm them up, when I heard the garage door open. Humm what is hubby doing home so early. I had his valentines day gift on the counter. Thank goodness grandma was helping with baths so I ran, hid the gift & saw hubby. He greeted me with. "go change your pants" apparently he didn't like the mud streaked pants I was wearing. We then said good night to the girls (I thought I'd be back to give them kisses) but to my surprise we were going downtown for the night. Hubby had arranged with grandma that she'd keep the the kids for the night YAHOO for me!! We got to our hotel & had wine & then took a shuttle to an AMAZING restaurant.

Dinner ... the waiter showed us the menu with real food, live lobster ect. It was GREAT. The food was amazing, being just with hubby was great & wow it's not even my birthday yet.

We tried to sleep in on my bday however the cell phone rang. It was grandma they had been without power for 11 hours all ready. I guess we picked a good night
to be away. Opps. We went & had breakfast, a hot top then got ready for the day.
We went to the mall hubby got a new blackberry & I got his. Yahoo for me again. Then after lunch hubby took me to the spa where I would spend the rest of my afternoon. Feet, hands, massage & hair. WOW.. That was relaxing. We ended the evening off by picking up the kids and grandma & going to dinner! What an amazing birthday

Pictures to come... must feed the monkeys...

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Nana said...

WOW! I have tears in my eyes. So happy that you are happy with your wonderful husband. God bless you both.