Monday, February 9, 2009

Hubby is at it again

Anyone who reads my blog knows, I recently went back to work & hubby has way to much energy. This weekend was no different. Ladies are you sitting down.
Sat. hubby did the floors (swept/mopped) then reorganized the furniture in the sunroom, groceries & had fun with the girls. SUNDAY the day of change.
Hubby some how remodelled my bedroom, new paint, new bed spread & a fire place. He also feed the girls 3 meals, snack & they did their valentine cards for school & friends. WOW.. I have no CLUE where he gets his energy. NO grass grows under his feet. Happy Valentines Day to me!!

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Nana said...

WOW! That's our son. His dad was the same way at that age. He would work all day then go to work.