Monday, January 19, 2009

i Survived

My first weekend of 12 hour shifts is over & I survived. But I'm most impressed with my superhubby. Grandma had started a grocery list on Friday so I put what would be bought at the regular grocery & what we'd get at Sams'. On Sat. hubby got up made breakfast (bacon,eggs ect), he also made my lunch. He had to take the oldest to a bday party (drop off) then he took the younger two shopping. They got all the groceries & some. They remembered to pick up big sis on time. Then home & they hung out with daddy. The house was spotless when I got home Sat. Night, with hubby & the oldest in my bed sleeping watching HOCKEY!!!
Sunday was more of the same a.m treatment. Hubby got up got breakfast & my lunch/tea done. Then they had a pj day while I worked. But hubby doesn't sit still for long. The laundry was done the girls rooms cleaned, bathrooms sparkling & kids feed 3 times. I got home to a bath ready for me (in the sparkling clean tub) & wine. Wow he's the BEST..

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