Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas May Now Come

Last night after the babies were tucked snug in their beds & Grandma staying home, hubby & I went out for a long night of shopping. We started off our DATE night at Starbucks (yummy) then off to the mall we went. It was BUSY. We were very successful at the mall getting things ticked off our list. Libby Lu's (little girls heaven) is going out of business (bad economy) & the girls have been asking for makeup @ every Santa visit this season. Libby Lu's was the place for that. After we closed the mall (10pm) we headed over to Toys R US, oh the fun in a toy store without kids! We were shocked to see how many SCREAMING kids were out after 10 pm. ahh. After our shopping was again very successful there it was off to WALMART (open 24hours). We spotted a flyer on our way in & realized it had a thing or two we wanted for xmas & found out that the sale started at midnight. So we shopped around & then hung around in line ups (yes line ups) till well after midnight. oh the fun. The girls Auntie sent them a gift card for walmart so hubby & I bought various craft things for them to open as gifts from his sister/ family on xmas day. The girls are going to again have WAY to many presents under the tree.

Grandma was still up when we got home (2am) so we had to tell her all about the GREAT deals we saw everywhere. So today she was off to the mall LIBBY LU's & brought home a huge bag from there. The 3 year old (who went to a birthday party there this summer) knew the label on the bag & wanted to know what was inside the bag. Oh the excitement is building!

We decorated the tree today, Nana & Papa's presents are under the tree, letters to Santa all finished up & now we are READY. The count down has begun except for a 5 & 3 year old 2 weeks is going to seem like FOREVER!! 11 more sleeps

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Nana said...

WOW! Good to hear you are ready and counting now. Good feeling aye. Love you