Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Girls

We have a few big girls living in our house. The 5 year old is able to ride her bike without training wheels all over the place. She's so excited & proud of herself! The 3 year old is now working on riding a big girl bike with training wheels & wow. The baby (soon to be 1) is sitting on a four wheel toy trying to move around with her feet (fred flinstone style). Big progress.

Other changes in our house - READING. Our big girl is well on her way to reading. With all the work we've been doing on "sight words" our 3 year old is also starting to read.

The baby Oct. 28th took her first steps. Of course it wasn't at home however mommy was with her. She took her first steps @ the "cheer club". Since then she's still only taking a few steps but I'm okay with that.

Our school girl went on her first field trip & loved it. Off to the pumpkin patch.

Our computer has a VIRUS, thank goodness for grandma's computer.

The weather is AMAZING. 70+ degrees on Grandma's 60th birthday! WOW never in Ontario

It's been very busy around our house. Daddy is working lots of over time!

TODAY is a ELECTION day! The eldest was very inquisitive of when she'll get to vote, since there was a voting station at her school. Hopefully by the time she is old enough to exercise her right she'll be able to vote in the country she lives in.

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