Thursday, September 4, 2008

Joys of Motherhood

Before dinner tonight I decided the two youngest ones needed a bath. So I took the baby into her room took off her diaper & brought the naked baby into the bathroom. I put her on the floor while I put water in the tub. The baby is now pulling up on EVERYTHING.. so I'm sitting there on the stool & she stood up! My leg all of a sudden got a little wet. I look down at baby & she's smiling from ear to ear & just peed all over mama! Ahh the joy of motherhood.. Oh did I mention the Murphy law behind this event. This week was the week when I pulled all the bath mats in the house & ran them through the laundry did I mention they girls bath mat was just put back in there yesterday. Oh what Fun

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jellaan said...

LOL. Haven't we all experienced this??? The worst thing a little one can do is after getting all cleaned up and about to get out of the bathtub, she poops and has to be cleaned again!!