Friday, August 29, 2008

TV yahoo

As some of you may know since we moved here Dec. 06 we've lived with little/no tv. When we moved in it was discovered that the cable wires that ran through our house were old & some were even cut (joys of an older home)! Hubby & I looked into having new cable run but it would have been $400. So we decided to live with the three channels off cable gave us. This summer we bought an antenna & now we have 7 channels.. slowly we are moving up!

Now with Grandma coming to visit for an extended period she's asked us to look into getting service to our place.. YAHOO!! (maybe the 2months last year when the baby was born was too much with for her with little tv) So we might before long have an actual selection of channels. The girls won't know what happened if we get all the kids channels. They've never seen Nickelodeon, Noggin, Disney Channel they've been very sheltered but they don't seem to mind.

Just waiting for the call back to see if AT&T Uverse is available in our location.. fingers crossed.

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