Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tonights the Start

As many of you know our first daughter is starting school this year, which for us Means the first day of school is August 11, 2008. Tonight we have Adult only Meet the teacher night. Tomorrow night is Ice Cream social (not sure what this is but we get to bring the kids).

So Hubby & I are both a little nervous, excited & scared. Our baby girl will be out of our hands for 1/2 days 5 days a week. This last 18 months we've been really lucky & she's been at home with me. Some days I'm sure it would have been better if she were at pre school but for the most part it was Fun!

We are very confident that she will do great. She has demonstrated a lot of maturity over the last year & knows what her rules/boundaries are & sticks to them even if she doesn't like them. But I am sure there will be a challenge or two once she see / hears what all her "friends" are allowed to do!

My life as a Mom is moving into the next phase & I'm not sure I'm ready but here we go!!!!

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Nana said...

I know it's hard when your children move on to their next stage of life. But to let them go is so important with your guidance and love. Love mom