Thursday, August 21, 2008

Renovations Begin

With me returning to work we will be having my mom come & visit to help out with the girls. With "Grandma" coming we feel its' important to give her her own space! This means we are cutting the play room in half to give her a spot of her own or any other guest that may come to visit! Hubby was busy shopping last night after the ladies went to bed. We Love Home Depot & Lowes & their Opps paint $5.00 a gallon & it's great! So he found 4 cans of very similar color (will mix them all to get one color). But you can't go wrong with $5.00 paint! He found an inexpensive flooring so we are going to pull all the carpet in the one side of the bsmt yahoo.. stinky smell begone (prev. owners had a dog). Very excited to see what the bsmt will look like once it's finished. Hope Grandma enjoys her little retreat!

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