Monday, August 4, 2008

Medical Bills

Being a Canadian living in the USA my eyes have really been opened to the EXPENSES of health Care. In Canada you never see just a bill/ statement or anything explaining how much the services you received who have cost you or actually cost the system. Here in the USA you get an a letter tell you how much a provider is going to bill your insurance & then Explanation of Benefits (EOB)from your insurance & then the BILL!

So an ultrasound when pregnant is around $450.00 (I had an average 3-5 with every pregnancy) The 9 months of medical care & delivery is around $2700 here in our state.

Lately Hubby has had a LOT of medical tests done. An MRI cost around $2269 that's not with the Radiologist cost (haven't received that bill yet). A CT SCAN is around $4100 (OUCH). Who knew these test were so darn expensive. Luckily most insurance companies have a pricing worked out & it reduces the cost. The MRI bill has come back & it's now around $1300 (better but still not "free") like in Canada.

There are many differences between Canada & the USA health Care. I LOVE the fact that we NEVER wait for any procedure but OUCH the cost for that service.

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